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Sunday, June 16, 2013

Long Exposure Photography-Savannah Area Coastal Scenes

With a new neutral density from Singh-Ray filters in my camera bag, I set out on my bike to photograph some coastal water scenes near my house which sits in a neighborhood facing the Burnside River on Skidaway Island near Savannah, Georgia. This is my first attempt at long exposure photography which requires not only a DSLR, but a tripod, a remote camera cable to avoid camera shake, a timer, the filter of choice and a ton of patience. After several days shooting on windy hot days, the four images below are the result. 

For more on long exposure photography creativity, visit Deborah Sandidge's Photoblog. Deb is a professional photographer well-known in the world of creative photography.

Canon 5D Mark 11
 Lens Canon 24-105 mm f/4 L IS
Exposure f/19- 16 seconds
 Incoming Tide
Moon River Landing, Savannah Ga
f/11-19 seconds

 Overlooking the Burnside River
Exposure f/11-16 seconds
Exposure f/11-16 seconds

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