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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Vintage Currency from Chiang Kai-shek Era

From the Chiang Kai-shek era in China, this coin and paper money photo was processed using Kim Klassen's scratched magic and warm sun textures. Additional processing was done with Nik Efex Pro 2.0 software. My father-in-law, a B29 pilot, brought this money back from his travels while serving in the USAF near the end of WW11. Intrigued by money from different countries, my husband began a coin collection and eagerly awaited his Dad's return from his tours.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011


For Texture Tuesday, a demitasse cup filled with dahlias. Kim Klassen's brushed linen texture was used three times, each with a different blending mode, then some of the texture brushed away from the flowers.  A levels adjustment was done initially and a curves adjustment on the last layer.


Friday, May 6, 2011

Chicago Harbor Lighthouse

Cruising through the locks from the Chicago River out to Lake Michigan, the Chicago Harbor lighthouse comes into view. Originally constructed in 1893, the original  lighthouse consisted only of a cast iron tower. After relocation to a breakwater near the Navy Pier in 1917, a  red roofed fog signal building and a boathouse were added. The original 3rd order Fresnel lens exhibited at the Chicago Worlds Fair in 1893 is still in operation today. Restoration of the lighthouse was completed in 1997. In 2005, the city of Chicago applied for ownership, but the wheels of government move slowly. Finally, after 4 years of consideration by the Department of the Interior, the Chicago Harbor lighthouse became the property of the city. Plans are in the works to open the lighthouse to the public as a museum. Source

Photos of the lighthouse are best shot with a long lens from the Navy Pier or from a tour boat. This photo was taken with a Leica d-lux 5 and post-processed using two textures, cirrus skies and tempest sea, both from Flypaper Textures
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