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Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Rusted and Nearly Forgotten Old Cars Spotted on My Walk

I discovered Pete's Import Garage in Atlanta totally by accident one day as I was strolling my 2 year old grandson around the neighborhood entertaining him by playing his favorite song at the moment- "On the Floor" by J-Lo. Atlanta neighborhoods are a mix of old, new and derelict as are Pete's cars. Apparently, from reading the reviews online, Pete can repair any car, old or new and at a good price. However, I'm not sure about this early 50's model Ford in the photos below. It has definitely seen better days and I'm sure there are some stories to tell if these old rusted parts could talk.The photos were shot with my Canon 5D Mark 11, a 17-40 mm L lens and processed in Photoshop CS5 using a high contrast action from Scott Kelby's book, The Adobe Photoshop CS5 Book for Digital Photographers. Across the Street Taxi was shot a few months ago with a Leica D-Lux-5, again on a stroll around the neighborhood. The images though not shot properly for HDR, were processed as a single file in HDR Efex Pro

Going Nowhere!
Last Roundup!
Permanently Parked!
Rusted Through and Through!

Taco Taxi

Drive it Like You Stole It

Across the Street Taxi-Cheap Ride!

Still has its Headlights Though!

I'm always on the look out for old grungy cars, so stay tuned!

Friday, May 18, 2012

Carousel in Aix en Provence-Creating the Faded Antique Look

The Faded Antique Look with Texture
In Scott Kelby's "The Adobe Photoshop CS5 Book For Digital Photographers", there is a chapter called Side Effects-special effects for photographers. I have had fun with a few of these recipes and thought a photograph of my beautiful granddaughter shot in Provence last year would make a lovely faded antique look as carousels, to me, look vintage. The recipe for this shot is here.  I added two different layers of texture to create an additional vintage feel to the photo. As her clothes are modern, I did not use any grunge techniques to create an older photograph. I like this effect and will definitely use it again. What do you think?

Before the Faded Antique Look and Texture
was applied.

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Cuban Scenes

A photo gallery of Cuban scenes from recent humanitarian trip to Cuba. From Sanitago de Cuba near Guantanamo to Havana.

Lady with Umbrella Shielding the Hot Sun
Santiago de Cuba
Two Layers of Kim Klassen Textures
Stay and OHMY

Trinidad, Cuba
Box of Pastries
Camaguey, Cuba
Two Layers of Kim Klassen Textures
Sandstorm and Vision

Havana, Cuba

Old Blue Chevrolet
Trinidad, Cuba

Coin-operated Laundromat
Havana, Cuba

Book Market
Havana, Cuba
Texture Embrace_Kim Klassen
OnOneSoftware-Dirty Money Filter

Old Cuba License Plate, Books by Graham Greene and a Map of Cuba Collage
OnOne Perfect Effects

Cuban Man
Trinidad, Cuba
Flypaper Textures

Trumpet Player
Malecon, Havana

Derelict Doorway
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