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Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Beyond Beyond Layers-Days 8 and 9

Beyond Beyond Layers-Day 8-Chalk Love
Beyond Beyond Layers-Day 9-Text Play

I'm really enjoying Beyond Beyond Layers taught by the very talented arttist, Kim Klassen, but I' m
so behind on posting the lessons. Here are two from Day 8 and Day 9.  The first photo uses the magic film texture from the  Cloth and Paper Collection along with one of my favorite quotes regarding food and life. I first saw this quote on the wall of a restaurant at Schiphol airport in Amsterdam and upon further research found it was a Luciano Pavarotti quote. 
The second photo was taken with my iPhone 5 and needs no explanation as the quote says it all. The spice mix is called Baharat, a North African mix traditionally used to season lamb.
Looking forward to posting more from Beyond Beyond Layers soon.

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