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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Tree of Dreams

Original photo shot with a Canon D60 converted to infrared, edited in Photoshop, then with Nik Silver 2.0 added a fine art filter. Lastly, the Kim Klassen texture, "dream" was added to the layers.

Check out Texture Tuesdays to see all the dreamy photos taken by other fans of texturing.
One of my dreams is to live in an old renovated cottage on a beach with an inlet behind me, a dock extending into the inlet and a small beautifully appointed dock house for guests.  A place where I could take a little boat out to  fish, shrimp, crab or just enjoy the waters.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Three Slices Watermelon and Three Glasses of Plum Jam-Texture Tuesday

Three chunks of seedless watermelon for Texture Tuesday-the number 3 eDition. I'm not sure I'm that crazy about the post processing, but here are the specifics- three textures used (3 textures, 3 chunks watermelon)-Scratched magic-Screen 72%, Warm Sun-Multiply 74%, and Just Blush-Multiply 34%.

A more simple texture processing using just one texture, Brushed Linen two times, blending mode Multiply 100% and Multiply 80% with some texture brushed away from the red jam.


Monday, July 4, 2011

A Bounty of Fresh Vegetables from the South Carolina Low Country and Scenes from Trip to Kiawah Island

Just spent lovely week at Kiawah Island, riding bikes on the miles and miles of nearly pristine beach, cruising the area looking for local fresh shrimp to bring back home and visiting the Firefly Distillery on Wadmalaw Island, sampling their famous Firefly Sweet Tea Vodka. Even though the resort had many first class restaurants to choose from, we cooked meals in our villa's well-equipped kitchen. Having said that, I did lug my cast iron frying pan that I'm never without! Everyday, we ate shrimp in some form, had sandwiches of dead ripe Heirloom Cherokee Purple tomatoes sliced on soft grocery store white bread slathered with mayonnaise (Duke's or Hellmans, your choice) and sprinkled with cracked black pepper. Heavenly and oh, so simple! We fried fresh okra and patty pan squash and for dessert, enjoyed fresh strawberries and creamy vanilla ice cream. I'm happy to report that there was no weight gain!

Beach House Kitchen Essentials

NYTimes Review on Firefly Sweet Tea Vodka
the tomato sandwich-a first timers tale

Beach Scenes 

On the Way to Kiawah
 Leaving Savannah

Old Sheldon Church Ruins
Near Beaufort, SC

Walkway to the Beach on Kiawah Island

Deer Feeding the Dunes on Kiawah Island

Firefly Distillery-Home of Firefly Sweet Tea

Buying Fresh Shrimp from Cherry Point Seafood, Wadmalaw, Island
And last, but not least, Razzle Dazzle on "his"
king-sized bed at the villa on Kiawah.

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Kiawah Island Butterfly-Digital Infrared

Image shot with a converted Canon D60 and a Canon 75-300mm f/5.6 lens at 155mm, f/4.5, IS0 200. If you mouse over the image, you will see that the background of the Raw file is brick colored while the leaves are white and the butterfly is black and white rather that black and yellow.

Using Nik Silver Efex Pro 2.0, I converted the image to black and white with the filter Film Noir. If you would like more information on Digital Infrared photography and what cameras are best for conversion, listed are several sources.

Modify Your Digital Camera for Infrared Photography

Deborah Sandidge-Digital Infrared Photography Online Course-Better Photo

Digital Infrared Photography Workshop-Deborah Sandidge

I highly recommend Deborah's Digital Infrared Photography course at Better Photo and also the Digital Infrared Photography Workshop.
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