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Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Cuban Scenes

A photo gallery of Cuban scenes from recent humanitarian trip to Cuba. From Sanitago de Cuba near Guantanamo to Havana.

Lady with Umbrella Shielding the Hot Sun
Santiago de Cuba
Two Layers of Kim Klassen Textures
Stay and OHMY

Trinidad, Cuba
Box of Pastries
Camaguey, Cuba
Two Layers of Kim Klassen Textures
Sandstorm and Vision

Havana, Cuba

Old Blue Chevrolet
Trinidad, Cuba

Coin-operated Laundromat
Havana, Cuba

Book Market
Havana, Cuba
Texture Embrace_Kim Klassen
OnOneSoftware-Dirty Money Filter

Old Cuba License Plate, Books by Graham Greene and a Map of Cuba Collage
OnOne Perfect Effects

Cuban Man
Trinidad, Cuba
Flypaper Textures

Trumpet Player
Malecon, Havana

Derelict Doorway


Anonymous said...

Absolutely LOVE your Cuba text image!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Cheryl McCain said...

Love the black and white with the colorization of just the bottle. Awesome photos too!

Linda Trine said...

I love what you did with this...beautiful post

robin. said...

lovin' me some cuba also. so many wonderful images here!!

Lisa said...

Awesome photojournal! You captured great textures and "flavors" of Cuba.

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