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Friday, January 14, 2011

Pink Roses in Yellow Vase

Raw image shot on a very dark and cold day with available window light, a reflector and an ISO of 1000. Using Photoshop, the image was adjusted, straightened and then Flypaper textures used to enhance the final image. Sometimes, a not so great image can be salvaged by some minor adjustments and texture overlays.


Kay Heritage said...

I really need to learn to use photoshop or lightroom to enhance my food photos! This looks so beautiful, Lynne! :)

Susan said...

Nice. I like to shoot at high ISOs sometimes. The natural grain is a delight when you can't shoot film, although many sharp purists love to crank up their crankiness about it. Your treatment is quite lovely.

Lynne said...

Thanks, Kay. I was in Savannah for a short time when the weather was terrible, but the flowers couldn't wait, so decided to see what I do with the photo. Textures work wonders sometimes.
Susan- I agree-sometimes it's necessary to shoot a high ISO. Some photos need the grain and softness for effect. Thanks.

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