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Friday, October 11, 2013

A Foggy Morning at Bonaventure Cemetery

Scenes from an early morning photo shoot at Bonaventure Cemetery. Three intrepid photographers from the Coastal Chapter of the Georgia Nature Photographers Association take in the grounds of the famous Bonaventure Cemetery. Here are some images from that foggy morning.

From a bluff in Bonaventure cemetery overlooking the Wilmington river, I could barely see the trees, but the golden colors of the marsh grass intersect and create a mustard color line through the image. A bit of green draws the eye to the day marker, a structure serving as an aid to navigation on the Intracoastal Waterway around Savannah.
The moss-draped oaks are cloaked in a subtle blanket of fog and in the foreground is a uniquely carved stone for Ellen Theresa Beatty and Harry B. Beatty. A giant Sago palm lends a bright green to the scene.
In the foreground  of the Ives monument lies a tiny grave lined with a scalloped stone border. Stones from an unknown mourner top the headstone.
A lovely angel monument honoring  Aaron Wilbur and his wife.

Coming soon, digital infrared photos from Bonaventure Cemetery!


Martha said...

Great photos!! The fog lent just the right atmosphere to the cemetery. Next time maybe we can go together in the early morning when it's foggy!!

Lynne Daley said...

We will do that since we both get up early! Sounds like fun. Bug spray is the perfume of the day!

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