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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Ft. Pulaski, Cockspur Island, Georgia

Over the many years, I have visited Ft. Pulaski, I have amassed many photographs beginning with a SLR film camera, then evolving to a DSLR and now working with creative lenses such as the Lensbaby. This photo was taken with the original Lensbaby 2.0 . You can see that the point of focus is on the cannon while the left side of the photo has what we call "creative blur". The original photo below is somewhat flat and uninteresting.
The two textures below were combined into one to create the final image. While in Bruges, Belgium this past month, I photographed a document framed under glass at the beautiful City Hall there.
After editing the text photo, I combined it with Kim Klassen's newest texture, Mayzee.

Duplicate layer Bruges text, overlay 34%
Hue Saturation Layer
Added Mayzee texture, linear light 100%
Hue Saturation layer

For Texture Tuesday


Carletta said...

I have a SIL who lives in Savannah. She took our family to see Ft. Pulaski many years ago. :)
Love your texture work!
It really did bring out the detail in the original beautifully!
Carletta's Captures

Kay Heritage said...

I heart Savannah! This is beautiful work, Lynne!!

Cedar said...

Very beautiful! How incredible that you made your own beautiful texture and it looks amazing with this photo. I love the warmth of the composition!

Henrietta said...

Great edit it is almost like painting.

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