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Saturday, April 2, 2011

March 2011 Photo a Day

March was a difficult month to shoot a photo per day. Some days, I shot 3 or 4 photos a day, but trying to keep with the theme, decided not to include some of them as they were of the same subject matter. Maybe April will be a better shooting month. Although I began this project with the idea of just shooting food and food still life photos, I've begun to realize that including landscape photos, photos with creative editing and more photos with people would be a better mix for this project. So bear with me as this is the first time I've attempted a project like this. Enjoy these photos! I had fun shooting them!
1. Not available, 2. Chocolate Pots de Creme, 3. Stargazer Lily, 4. Savory Chive Cheese Bread, 5. Palm Tree-South Channel-Ft. Pulaski, 6. Chinatown Scene-San Francisco, 7. Coit Tower-San Francisco, 8. Chinatown San Francisco Produce Market, 9. Black Dragon Pearl Tea Balls, 10. Chai-Chai Tea for Two, 11. Chai-Chai Tea with Rock Sugar, 12. Irish Soda Bread & Cider, 13. "a single rose...........", 14. Guinness and Magners-The Littlest Bar, Boston, 15. Thai Bouillabaisse-KIngfish Hall, Boston, 16. Chinese Tea-Percolator App-Stars, 17. Japanese Fans, 18. Gerbera Daisy-Lo-Fi, 19. Golden Tulip, 20. Almond Puffs with Daffodils and Coffee in Blue and White Transferware, 21. Cherry Walnut Cake, 22. Light Trails Boston, 23. The Littlest Bar-Boston, 24. Quinoa with Fruit and Nuts, 25. Fresh Tangerines

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