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Tuesday, July 18, 2017

The Evolution of a Still Life Image-Memory Book

Using the old, yellowed and crumbling pages from a 1910 scrapbook for the base of my still life image, I added a vintage 1930's Sheaffer fountain pen, some dried roses, an antique green glass ink well. Below I will show some of the images I shot to achieve this final image.
The hero of my image was the fountain pen and the ink well. This beginning image showed more of the scrapbook page with three old books, one lace trimmed, set on the diagonal with the dried roses. Fujifilm XT-1, 18-135mm lens, 135mm, f5.6, 1/35s, ISO 3200.
A closer view and although I liked the composition, I but didn't like cropping out half the pen and the ink well is empty. Looking up how to make fake ink from food coloring. F/5.6, 1/60s, ISO 3200.
The composition here is pleasing, however, the focus is off the pen and on the ink well. F/6.4, 1/60s, ISO 2500.
I would be pleased with this image, but it shows a lot of the handwriting, so raising the camera some would have made a more pleasing image. F/5.6, 1/60s, ISO2500. I made the fake ink from food coloring.
I like this composition, but  the pen is blurred. I would not have minded the focus in the background, but seems distracting in the foreground. f/5.6, 1/45, ISO3200.

A much tighter crop,  but shows my hero props. F/5.6, 1/60s, ISO 1600.

Final image before adding Lightroom presets and textures. F/5.6, 1/60s, ISO 1600.

Final Image showing layers.

Monday, September 1, 2014

The Magical Journey

This neglected blog is being revived now as my interest in iphoneography has become a serious diversion from my usual food photography posted on Cafe Lynnylu My iPhone 5 with its ease of use has replaced my point and shoot used for candid photography. I have not abandoned my Canon 5D Mark 111, however, and will continue using it for food and landscape photography, especially long exposure.

My interest in iphoneography was mild until I attended MacWorldMobile Master Iphoneography workshop a few years ago. There I found I could create artistic images with my iPhone using the many apps that are either free or purchased for a small fee. To further pique my interest and to gain more knowledge in editing my images, I enrolled in Bob Weil's class- Iphoneography with Bob Weil

The image above is a montage of 4 separate images brought together in Superimpose, then taken into  Jazz and Leonardo I call it the Magical Journey as it looks a little other-worldly to me. I love using silhouettes in my montages. Below is another image with the two boys. I plan on taking my two characters on many more journeys.

The Boys Walking on a Moonlit Country Road

Monday, December 9, 2013

The Coastal Chapter of the Georgia Nature Photographer Association Shoot Out at Bamboo Ranch and Coastal Gardens

On Saturday following a presentation, "Lessons in the Field" at the monthly meeting of the Coastal Chapter of the GNPA this past Thursday evening , David Foster was kind enough offer some hands on instruction  for  shooting nature images at Coastal Georgia Botanical Gardens. Locals remember these gardens as the Bamboo Ranch where Billy Jo Royal, a Georgia native performed in the 50's and 60's. Although many of the blooming plants in the gardens were gone, some of the fall leaves still clung stubbornly to the branches. In the banana palm grove, the leaves were wilted and browned, but the opportunities for shooting textures was abundant. For about an hour, I felt frustrated as one really had to study the plants to find a creative composition. The sky was overcast most of the morning with peeks of sun shining through-perfect for close-up photography. I gave up on my zoom lens and settled down with the 100mm macro. We were not allowed in the beds so as not to disturb bulbs and other plants that were dormant, but that made it hard to get very close to compose an image. Of the 60 some images, I felt the ones below had some merit. Maybe not wow images, but some beautiful in their state of decay. Thanks again to David Foster and to the group of photographers who sacrificed their Saturday morning sleep-in to shoot some nature images. 

I used textures from Rad Lab-Dirty Pictures which made subtle changes mainly to the background of these images. If you are new to textures, there are many free textures available on Flickr as well as tutorialsFlypaper Textures has textures for sale as well as tutorials.

Banana Palm Leaf

A Decaying Banana Tree Leaf on the Ground

Banana Stalk


A Pineapple Growing Near the Orchid House

Seed Pods

Pumpkin Abstract

Friday, October 11, 2013

A Foggy Morning at Bonaventure Cemetery

Scenes from an early morning photo shoot at Bonaventure Cemetery. Three intrepid photographers from the Coastal Chapter of the Georgia Nature Photographers Association take in the grounds of the famous Bonaventure Cemetery. Here are some images from that foggy morning.

From a bluff in Bonaventure cemetery overlooking the Wilmington river, I could barely see the trees, but the golden colors of the marsh grass intersect and create a mustard color line through the image. A bit of green draws the eye to the day marker, a structure serving as an aid to navigation on the Intracoastal Waterway around Savannah.
The moss-draped oaks are cloaked in a subtle blanket of fog and in the foreground is a uniquely carved stone for Ellen Theresa Beatty and Harry B. Beatty. A giant Sago palm lends a bright green to the scene.
In the foreground  of the Ives monument lies a tiny grave lined with a scalloped stone border. Stones from an unknown mourner top the headstone.
A lovely angel monument honoring  Aaron Wilbur and his wife.

Coming soon, digital infrared photos from Bonaventure Cemetery!

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Coastal Scenes-Savannah-Using Kevin Kubota Artistic Tools-Pow Wow

Recently, I had the opportunity to try Kevin Kubota Artistic Tools-Pow Wow free for 30 days. It's been great fun tweaking my photos with the different effects offered in the Pow Wow pack. I'm very much into shooting digital infrared with my converted Canon D60, so decided to concentrate on using the Pow Wow pack to enhance the images of  coastal scenes around my area. My favorite tool was the Black and White Lensbaby Oh Baby, a perfect tool for editing the digital infrared images. The watermark tool in the Pow Wow collection made it easy to add the copyright information.  I highly recommend these tools for enhancing not only the black and white digital infrared images shown here, but also the tools are great for color images.
Tybee Island Lighthouse
Pow Wow Tools Used-
Black and White Lensbaby Oh Baby
Faded Memories
Single Glass Vitamizer
Image Transfer

Ft. Pulaski, Near Tybee Island, Georgia
Black and White Lensbaby Oh Baby
Image Transfer

Shrimp Boat, Lazzaretto Creek, Near Tybee Island, Georgia
Black and White Lensbaby Oh Baby

Gull-Wassaw Island, Georgia
Black and White Lensbaby Oh Baby

Boating on Wassaw Island, Georgia
Black and White Lensbaby Oh Baby

Sea Oats, Back River, Tybee Island, Georgia
Black and White Lensbaby Oh Baby

Beach Fences, Back River, Tybee Island
Black and White Lensbaby Oh Baby

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Early Morning Shoot at Savannah National Wildlife Refuge

Not many big birds on my early morning shoot at Savannah National Wildlife Refuge where I met with other members of the Coastal Chapter of the GNPA. Leading our group was Diana Churchill , author of A Birder's Eye View, a compilation of 53 select articles written in a twice monthly column for the Savannah Morning News
It was a foggy morning at the refuge, but a brilliant sunrise peeked through the moss draped oak trees casting a fiery glow on the dew drenched grass. There were hundreds of songbirds darting from tree to tree feasting on the many insects to fatten up for their fall migration. However, without a very long lens, it was impossible for me to photograph the tiny birds. 
Sunrise-Savannah National Wildlife Refuge
In our cars, we began the four mile wildlife drive through the refuge stopping when we spotted any bird activity. My first photo was of the red winged blackbird plentiful in the rice patties feeding on the seeds from the plants. The blackbirds nest in these patties as well as in cattails, rushes and grasses. 
Romalea Guttata Grasshopper
Next stop on the wildlife drive, a grasshopper resting on a tall grass. I was hoping to see some long-legged waders such as but with the exception of the Cattle Egret below, they failed to show up.
Our group stopped and walked the cobblestone path passing an old brick cistern some of the only remains from the 1700's rice plantation. On the path built by volunteers was a wooden photo blind nestled in the marsh. A perfect place to view and photograph unsuspecting birds, but my only photograph was of a green tree frog resting on a large blade of grass.
 Continuing on our wildlife drive, we stopped at a pond filled with lily pads and edged with tall grasses. I never would have seen this purple gallinule had Diana not pointed it out to us. There were several swimming and some walking on the lily pads. It is said the purple gallinule swims like a duck and walks on the lily pads like a chicken.
We were not the only ones watching the purple gallinule! Out of the tall reeds swam an alligator slowly making his way toward the gallinules. There are many alligators in the refuge and they can be seen in the fall and winter sunning on the banks of the ponds and canals in the refuge. It is illegal to harass or feed the gators, but irresponsible humans do just that and many times the illegally fed gator has to be euthanized as it is becomes a threat to humans.

We walked just a little farther and saw another gator much smaller than the one stalking the gallinules or was he stalking the gallinules? When we walked back to our vehicles, the alligator had disappeared. Maybe we were who the gator was interested in? 

A warning sign reminding all who visit the refuge to be "gator safe".
This will not be my last visit to Savannah National Wildlife Refuge. Maybe one day, I'll get to photograph many big birds there, but feel quite satisfied with what I have accomplished on this outing.

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